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How long do you keep cling film on a tattoo

How long do you keep cling film on a tattoo? Why?

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You keep cling film on a tattoo for the minimum amount of time possible. It’s there to keep your tattoo safe and clean until you get home and have chance to start your aftercare regime. If you keep the cling film on you run the risk of an infection starting in the damp warm conditions under it.
Should I wait to get a tattoo until I lose weight. before & after pics.

Should I wait to get a tattoo until I lose weight? Before & After Pics

Weigh loss of a few pounds won’t have affect your tattoo. If you lose a significant amount of weight it will change the tattoo and you may lose small details. If you have a lot to lose it may be wise to wait. Location of the tattoo also makes a big difference to how it will look after weight loss.
Tattoo Pain Chart Map Female Women

Tattoo Pain Chart Female – A tattoo pain map for women

The Tattoo Pain Chart - Female tattoo pain map, shows you the best and worst places to get tattooed. The ribs are the worst place and the shoulder is the least painful place to get tattooed for a female. The shoulder and outer thigh are also relatively less painful places for a woman to get a tattoo.