About Lunaix


Who am I?

I’m a REAL TATTOOIST and ARTIST. Many sites about the tattoo industry and available online are just money making exercises written by affiliate marketers who have never set foot in a tattoo studio.

These writers wouldn’t know one end of a tattoo machine from the other if it bit them in the ass.

I’ve been tattooing over 10 years. I landed my apprenticeship by doing exactly all the things I’m sharing on this website.

I’ve worked in street shops, doing walk ins and bespoke designs. Now I run my own busy private studio. I’ve seen tattooing from all angles. I understand the techniques and the business side too. I also understand how hard it is to break into Tattooing.

I want to help people like you get into the industry. Theres a lot of mis-information out there.

The struggle is real. I’ve been there

I was obsessed with tattoos from a young age and always wanted to be a Tattooist. Back then it was really difficult  to enter the industry and after several abortive attempts I couldn’t manage to find a way in. I ended up working as a graphic designer and put my dream on the back burner.

I realised I needed to make my dream come true. I knew I could be a good tattooist with my illustration background but I faced a tough brick wall getting into the industry.

On top of having no real usable tattoo contacts due to moving around the world, I was now older than most people trying to get an apprenticeship or learn to tattoo. I faced an uphill battle.

But failure was not an option.

After a lot of hard work I finally landed an apprenticeship and began my career as a Tattooist.

I know how hard it is to enter this industry and that some highly talented people are prevented from ever learning to tattoo by circumstance. 

Potential Tattooists are often blocked by the gatekeepers due to things like their gender, ethnicity or simply “not having a face that fits”.

I have lived that struggle.

Thats why I’m here to help. I’ve got your back…

Safety is paramount

The way I see it, it’s better to have more people learning this properly, professionally and safely with the right information than more untrained and dangerous scratchers coming into the world.

If people aren’t given the information they need to tattoo safely and well, they are going to do it anyway and thats when things get dangerous and messed up.

Ive heard lots of horror stories of people buying kits and tattooing unsafely just through ignorance of the right way to do things, especially when it comes to hygiene.

Getting a good apprenticeship is still the best way to enter the Tattoo Industry

I highly advise that you try as hard as you can to go down this route wherever possible. It really is the best and easiest way to learn to Tattoo if you can find a great mentor. Use the information on this site in conjunction with apprenticing if you possibly can.

Learn To Tattoo, Beautifully, Safely, Creatively

My aim is to help you learn to express your art safely and beautifully.

It’s important to keep the craft we love alive and pass on the skills to the next generation so that you can make amazing work.

Good luck in your journey


Learn How To Tattoo

A small selection of some of my work. I love working with colour.