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Best Starter Tattoo Kit – Dragonhawk Tattoo Starter Kit Review

A rotary tattoo machine is the easiest machine for a beginner. Dragonhawk make a reasonably priced pen style rotary tattoo starter kit available through Amazon. It includes a power supply and pedal as well as a machine and other extras. It will allow you to start learning how to tattoo on practice skin. 

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What Are The Basics Of Tattooing For Beginners? 10 Easy Steps

What are the basics of Tattooing for beginners? Tattooing can be broken down into a series of steps. Once you understand the process you can practice and perfect each step.

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Is there a difference in tattoo ink? What is the best tattoo ink to use?

Is there a difference in tattoo ink? Tattoo inks vary greatly in quality between brands. The quality of the Tattoo ink you use will impact the quality of the tattoo. High-quality ink will look bright and stay colourful for years. Low-quality tattoo ink will look faded and aged within a year or so.