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Should You Go To Tattoo School?

Should you go to tattoo school? 10 Pros and Cons

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Should you go to Tattoo School? Tattoo Schools are a highly controversial topic in the Tattoo Industry. They may teach you the basics but your qualification will not be recognised and may even harm your reputation. Learn about the pros and cons of Tattoo Schools in order to make up your mind.
Is Tattooing Hard To Learn

Is Tattooing Hard To Learn? Can You Do It?

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Tattooing is hard to learn. The secrets of Tattooing are closely guarded. You will struggle to find an apprenticeship and someone to teach you. Tattooing on skin is very different to drawing on paper. Having said that, Tattooing is an amazing and enjoyable career that pays well once you do learn.
Do you have to know how to draw to tattoo

Do you have to know how to draw to tattoo? Plus 4 tips on how you can improve your drawing skills.

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Do you have to know how to draw to Tattoo? In short, yes. If you can’t draw you will be very limited in the types of tattoo you can do, and most people want custom work these days. However, drawing is a learned skill and you can improve your drawing with practice.
Tattoo Apprentice Portfolio Tips
How Do I Become A Self Taught Tattooist

How do I become a self taught tattooist? 14 crucial things you MUST do to survive

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How do I become a self-taught Tattooist? The answer is LOTS OF PRACTICE, dedication and learning. If you have exhausted EVERY possibility of getting an Apprenticeship and find yourself looking at this option here are 13 important guidelines which will help you to learn to tattoo.
Can You Be AA Self Taught Tattoo Artist
Can Anyone Learn To Tattoo

Can anyone learn to tattoo? The 5 Most important questions you need to ask yourself

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Can anyone learn to Tattoo?. Is there anything stopping you learning to Tattoo and landing your dream job? Ask yourself these 5 really important questions to see if you can realistically learn to Tattoo and become a Tattooist.
Learn How To Tattoo

How to get a tattoo apprenticeship – 5 Tips Plus one killer secret to getting your foot in the door

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How can you stand out from the crowd and land a Tattoo Apprenticeship?. Use my Secret Method to make sure Tattooists take you seriously and want to give you an Apprenticeship.