Getting your tattoo care right in the first 24 hours is crucial to avoid infection. Avoid these mistakes for a perfect tattoo heal.

Tattoo Care is important in order to make sure that your tattoo doesn’t get infected, gets maximum color retention and looks amazing when healed. Read on to avoid the most common after tattoo care mistakes.

You keep cling film on a tattoo for the minimum amount of time possible. It’s there to keep your tattoo safe and clean until you get home and have chance to start your aftercare regime. If you keep the cling film on you run the risk of an infection starting in the damp warm conditions under it.

A healed tattoo will look less bright than when it was fresh. This is because a layer of skin has grown over it as it heals and is normal. During healing, a tattoo can look dull and faded as the skin regenerates. After 8 weeks it should have reached final colour. If it’s still faded you can fix it.