20 Crucial Tips You Need To Know To Enter The Tattoo Industry.

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Tattoo Apprentice Portfolio Tips

Tattoo Apprentice Portfolio Tips | How To Create A Tattoo Portfolio That Will Get You Noticed

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You want your Tattoo Apprentice Portfolio to blow a prospective Tattoo Mentor away. Tips on how to create an amazing Tattoo Apprentice Portfolio
How Do I Become A Self Taught Tattooist

How do I become a self taught tattooist? 14 crucial things you MUST do to survive

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How do I become a self-taught Tattooist? The answer is LOTS OF PRACTICE, dedication and learning. If you have exhausted EVERY possibility of getting an Apprenticeship and find yourself looking at this option here are 13 important guidelines which will help you to learn to tattoo.
Can You Be AA Self Taught Tattoo Artist