Tattoo Aftercare & Maintenance

Tattoo aftercare and maintenance is crucial if your tattoo is going to heal well and look bright and crisp.

Just got a new tattoo? Wonder if its healing right or if there is anything you can do to help it heal better?  Here are just a few questions you may be asking…

This section is dedicated to answering all the questions you may have and more when healing your new tattoo.

Tattoo Aftercare Basics

How long do you keep cling film on a tattoo

How long do you keep cling film on a tattoo? Why?

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You keep cling film on a tattoo for the minimum amount of time possible. It’s there to keep your tattoo safe and clean until you get home and have chance to start your aftercare regime. If you keep the cling film on you run the risk of an infection starting in the damp warm conditions under it.

Tattoo Scabbing Peeling & Fading

Is it normal for a new tattoo to look faded?

Is it normal for a new tattoo to look faded?

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A healed tattoo will look less bright than when it was fresh. This is because a layer of skin has grown over it as it heals and is normal. During healing, a tattoo can look dull and faded as the skin regenerates. After 8 weeks it should have reached final colour. If it’s still faded you can fix it.


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