Tattoo Pain Chart Map Female Women

Tattoo Pain Chart Female – A tattoo pain map for women

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Tattoo Pain Chart Female map Woman
Tattoo Pain Chart Female

Women and men do feel pain differently. Although there are many overlaps in how you feel pain there are a few differences too. 

The Tattoo Pain Chart – Female tattoo pain map, shows you the best and worst places to get tattooed. The ribs are the worst place and the shoulder is the least painful place to get tattooed for a female. The shoulder and outer thigh are also relatively less painful places for a woman to get a tattoo.

If you are a woman looking to get a tattoo, especially your first one, the following information should help you choose the least painful tattoo location.

Tattoo Pain Chart Female – A Tattoo Pain Map For Women

Men and women do often experience tattoo pain differently.

One of the main reasons for this is body fat distribution. 

In general, the least painful place to get tattooed are areas that have…

  • More fat over the bones.
  • Fewer nerve endings.
  • Thicker skin.

Places with thin or soft delicate skin or bony areas are the most painful.

So this fact gives women a bit of an advantage. Women tend to naturally have a thicker layer of fat over their bones so this gives a bit of an advantage when it comes to pain. {At least there’s some advantage to our extra padding :)]

Men tend to have less fat over the bones so they will feel the tattoo pain more directly. You can find out more details about general tattoo pain in this post.

What is the most painful place to get tattooed for a female?


The thin vascular skin on the scalp has multiple nerve endings meaning an intense tattoo experience. Sound vibrating through the head adds to the unpleasantness


The flesh over the sternum is thin meaning a burning sensation that rattles through the rib cage.


Elbows are strange. Some people find them extremely painful whilst some people hardly notice anything. It seems to be the luck of the draw.


The ribs are one of the worst places to get tattooed pain wise. The skin is thin and soft and the bones are close to the surface which can mean intense pain. The tattoo machine rattles through the ribs which means the pain can spread out into your whole torso. On top of this, needing to control your breathing for the tattooist can mean that getting tattooed on the ribs is an intense experience.


The stomach, like the elbow, can be hit and miss. Some people find it intense but others are fine. Stretch marks in the area can mean that the stomach doesn’t hold the detail of a tattoo as well as other areas. Not the place to get a highly detailed tattoo or a portrait.


Even though the butt has enough padding, tattoos in this area can be scratchy and painful.

Inner Thigh

The soft skin on the inner thigh means that this is an extremely painful place to get tattooed.


The ankles can be painful, especially around the ball of the ankle joints where the bone is very near the surface


The thin skin and delicate bones of the feet all make for an intensely painful tattoo. Feet can swell up after tattooing as well, so make sure you can go home and put your feet up if you get a tattoo in this area.

Palm of your hand

The palm has so many nerve endings that tattoos here are extremely painful. They also often don’t heal very well. See this post for more info if you are considering getting a palm tattoo.

Can you get a tattoo on the palm of your hand? Everything you need to know


Where does it hurt the least to get a tattoo on a woman?


Surprisingly, the ear and the area just behind it don’t hurt much at all. The noise of the tattoo machine can be off-putting though.


The back of the shoulder is a good solid and relatively pain-free area to get tattooed. It’s a place that many people choose to get their first tattoo.


The outer side of the bicep is a great traditional location for a tattoo and is very handleable in terms of pain level. The underside can be sore, however.

If you are worried about the pain when getting tattooed check out this post.
The 15 most and least painful places to get a Tattoo


The top side of the forearm is an easy tattoo location and a good place for a first tattoo.

Outer Thigh

The outer thigh is a great tattoo location. It offers a large area of skin, perfect for a bigger tattoo design and has a lower pain level than other areas on the leg.


The muscular nature of the calf means that many people find the tattoo pain level lower when getting tattooed here.

How can you make tattoos hurt less?

How can you make tattoos hurt less? If you are worried about tattoo pain there are ways that you can minimise it. Pain is part of the tattoo process though so you can’t totally avoid it and you will feel proud when you get through it. Ways to minimise the pain include…

1 – Choose a lower pain location.

The above charts and information should enable you to choose somewhere for your tattoo that will hurt less.

2 – Choose a style that hurts less.

Some styles hurt more than others. Dotwork tattoos are one of the least painful styles. I wrote a post about dotwork tattoos and how they can hurt less which you can read here.

3 – Learn relaxation techniques

If you tense up and panic you will lose control of the pain and struggle to handle it. Learn some deep breathing and meditation techniques which will help you handle it much better. `it masked s massive difference.

4 – Avoid getting tattooed during your period

Your period can have a big impact on how you experience pain. You can feel pain more acutely. If possible, avoid getting a tattoo when you have a period.

5 – Have a good meal before getting a tattoo.

You don’t want to go into having a tattoo on an empty stomach. This will mean your blood sugar levels are low. When they are low you are more likely to faint and feel pain more acutely. Eat a good breakfast or meal to ensure that your body is 100% prepared to deal with the pain.  

6 – Drink enough water

Ensure that you are hydrated when you go into your tattoo session. If you are dehydrated you will feel the pain more. 

7 – Avoid hangovers

The most hellish place on earth to be is having a hangover whilst getting a tattoo. Believe me. Just don’t go there. 

8 – Get a good nights sleep

Sleep well the night before your tattoo session. Go to bed early and ensure you are well-rested. This will really help you to cope with the tattoo pain.

9 – Avoid tattoos if you feel ill.

If you feel ill and under the weather don’t get a tattoo. It will hurt more and your body will be less able to heal it well. You can also spread your illness to the tattooist. If you call and explain they will let you reschedule. 

10 – Discuss your pain worries with your tattooist.

They will be able to help you to manage the pain and get you through the tattoo.


Numbing Cream.

Numbing cream can help with the pain of smaller tattoos. However, you MUST check with your tattooist first. Some tattooists wont work on you if you have used it.

If your artist is happy to use it they will be able to tell you when and how to apply it before your session.

If you want to know more about numbing cream and how and when to use it check out this detailed post. Can I use numbing cream before a tattoo?

Tattoo pain for women. In conclusion.

It’s a good idea to be prepared for the level of pain that you are like to feel when getting your tattoo. However, don’t let your fear of pain put you off getting tattooed in the area you want. The pain will be fleeting and bearable and you will then have the tattoo of your dreams. If you choose another area out of fear of pain you are likely to feel disappointed that you didn’t get it where you originally wanted.

Discuss your worries with your tattooist. They will be able to suggest ways to deal with the pain and help you through it to get the tattoo you truly desire.

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