There is a dark problem at the heart of the tattoo industry. Bullying.

For too long, many talented aspiring artists have been prevented from entering the tattoo industry. These artists have been vilified, subjected to ridicule for asking questions or trying to learn, bullied and ultimately prevented from reaching their dream.

There has been gatekeeping of information and the deliberate spread of misinformation.

This often particularly affects young people, women, LGBTQ+ people, ethnic and neurodiverse people

Ultimately this only serves to prevent the tattoo industry from moving forward and loses a great many talented individuals who could have been amazing Tattooists. It starves the tattoo industry of grass roots talent and diversity.

It’s also dangerous.

If people are too afraid to ask questions or discuss their progress they are more likely to work without the right safety information.

Ultimately it doesn’t protect or help the Tattoo Industry.

No other industry works like this. It’s time to move forward.

Our aim at Tattoo spark is to change this...


Bullying Is there a bullying problem in the tattoo industry. I want to talk about a dark problem at the heart of the tattoo industry And that’s Bullying those that are trying to learn to tattoo and enter the industry People get shot down in flames for asking questions or showing their work and progress. It’s got really bad and harsh People say this cruelty and bullying is neccesary to protect the industry from dangerous scratchers But no other industry operates like this by destroying those who want to learn. Its is counter productive and doesn’t make sense. Cos If people are afraid to ask questions or get feedback they can’t learn properly and safely. They may get the wrong information. They can end up making dangerous mistakes just because they weren’t helped to know the right way. And were too afraid to ask. Bullying particularly affects young people, women, lgbtq+ people and ethnic and neurodiverse people and can stop them getting into the industry Ultimately it stops amazing and talented people from following their dream And it robs the tattoo industry of the grass roots of talent and diversity by putting off people who would have been great tattooists. What do you think? Let me know in the comments if you have come up against bullying or ridicule when you’ve been trying to learn to tattoo? And follow me if you want to learn how to tattoo in a safe and supportive environment. #howtotattooforbeginners #HowToTattoo #learntattooing #BeginnersTattoo #tattoobeginners #learntattoo #bullyingawareness

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Our mission is to create a supportive and inclusive community where aspiring tattoo artists can learn and develop their skills in a non-judgmental environment.

We strive to empower individuals by providing them with the resources and knowledge necessary to practice safely and confidently, without the fear of being shamed or excluded. Our goal is to foster a culture of acceptance and collaboration, where all participants feel comfortable asking questions, receiving feedback, and sharing their artistic journey with others.

Ultimately, we aim to democratize the world of tattooing by breaking down traditional barriers and eliminating gatekeeping practices, thereby creating a more accessible, diverse, and vibrant community for all.

Tatto Spark Mission Statement - Bullying
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